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Life Saved


Pounds Lost

Jill's Transformation

At 263 pounds and a size 22, Jill was at her wits end. She was desperate to rekindle her close-knit relationship with her eldest son, which had been strained due to her weight. She was ready to feel energetic again; ready to shake her food addiction for good.

Do you struggle with Food Addiction? I did to, and I can help you.

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Jill Birth

"My Happily Ever After"

Once upon a time, a school nurse told me that I was fat, weighing more than she herself did at 140 pounds.  I was just eight years old. Thirty years later, a lifetime of weight loss struggles came to an end . . . FOREVER!  With faith in God behind me and a Vision Board keeping my dreams alive in front of me, that little girl’s battle finally came to an end, and my entire life was TRANSFORMED.

And now I’m living MY Happily Ever After . . . losing 131 pounds and 141 inches; gaining self-confidence and physical health to do things I had ALWAYS dreamed of; running a marathon; climbing mountains with my son; swimming, jumping, and riding bikes with my kids; LIVING the life I knew God intended me to live.  And this is just the BEGINNING . . . .

See where Jill is today on her weight loss journey she documents it all ...


“…This book will inspire, encourage and enrich the lives of anyone who reads it.”

-Jack Canfield Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series


Finding the Voice Inside You™ is an astonishingly honest account of Jill Birth’s struggles with her weight, the strength she received through faith to continue trying and her amazing life-changing transformation.



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