When I started my journey, I was all about using what I had, doing what was in my power, and making sure I was doing something every day.  I started out going for walks.  And I walked to the neighbor’s mailbox.  Then the corner.  Then around the block.  Then two blocks.  I didn’t put huge limitations on myself that were just setting me up to fail, because I knew failure!  And this was going to be SUCCESS!  So my first goal was just to move . . . every day!  For 20 minutes, then 30, then 40.  And that was my first month of my transformation.  Can I just tell you how GREAT it feels to succeed because your goals are attainable?  It’s FANTASTIC!  I LOVE it!

So don’t set yourself up for failure, thinking you have to establish this amazing, full-blown workout routine or head out and hire a personal trainer.  Not so!  And doing either of those things will probably set you up for failure — and this year is ONLY ABOUT SUCCESS! So set and keep just one simple rule:

Exercise: Just Do It!



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