What to do When You’re Too Depressed to Say Affirmations

Good morning! If you’re not following my 30 days of live affirmations on Facebook live, come join me! Today is day 11, and one of the questions I received was “I’m in such a low place that I can’t even get myself to say an affirmation. What do I do?”

If you’re in this situation, pick ONE word of an affirmation to repeat out loud. If your affirmation has the word “light” in it, say that. If you want health, say “health!” A few powerful positive words you can say are:

• Abundance
• Love
• Confidence
• Joy

Whatever your soul is yearning for, say that word over and over. This will start raising your vibration so you’re automatically more positive, and it will bring you to the place where you can eventually say an entire affirmation.

There’s a phrase called the “Reticular Activating System” or RAS, which refers to the network of nerve pathways in the brainstem, and you can direct them! For example, do you remember when you were looking for a new car…and then you start seeing that car everywhere! Or, when you’re pregnant and then all of a sudden, you notice other pregnant women everywhere. Or, I worked at a dental office for 25 years, and I would always notice people’s teeth! So, if you’re thinking negative negative thoughts and you have that pathway of thinking, you can change your RAS. When you focus on words such as “light, love, and abundance,” then you will start thinking more positive, because that’s what your mind is focused on!


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