As you may have heard on a recent JillBirth.Com call, I am feeling a really strong need to focus on Childhood Obesity.  On a personal level, I have a little boy who seems to be headed down his mom’s road, and that really tugs at my heartstrings.  So I have been on the lookout lately for fun activities you can do indoors in the wintertime that still get kids moving and everyone having fun (when you don’t have a Wii or other game console to use).  I found a blog post with 5 great ideas to get kids moving.  Here they are:

I really like the idea of four-square, hopscotch, long jumps, and balancing beams made with masking tape under the area rug.

I also found an idea for using a balloon to play foot volleyball.  Even GROWNUPS could have a lot of fun with this one!

What are some fun games and ideas you do around your house to get EVERYONE working out and moving (or have done with nieces/nephews, children, grandchildren, etc.)?  I’d love to hear your tips, friends!



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