Morning Affirmation Poem “Good Morning, God!”

Good morning! If you’re not following my 30 days of live affirmations on Facebook live, come join me! Today is day 10, and one of the questions I recieved was “How do I know which affirmations are for me?”

To be honest, the best affirmations come from within. To start writing your own affirmations, pay attention to the negative voices inside your head. Write down the negative, and then switch it to the positive.

For example, if those inner gremlins are saying “I have no worth,” then your affirmation would become something like, “I am completely worthy, and I am a daughter of God.”

I want to share a poem that I say every morning right before my affirmations. It’s called “Good Morning God,” and it sets up your day for a day of joy and surrender. (Thank you to my energy healer, Andrea Carver for sharing this with me).

Good Morning God! Thank you for this WONDERFUL day before me. I receive this day as the GIFT that it is… full of JOY, LOVE , LAUGHTER, and PEACE. Thank you God! I ABSOLUTELY accept God’s abundance in ALL areas of my life. And I thank you God, IN ADVANCE, for an abundant and prosperous day. I accept with GRATITUDE, total and perfect health, as every cell and every atom in my body radiate God’s perfect love. I JOYFULLY surrender this day to you God, knowing that you walk with me in EVERY MOMENT, showing me where to go, who to see, what to say and what to do. My life RADIATES perfect joy, perfect love, perfect health and perfect peace, and I go forth EMPOWERED in the knowing that my life is perfect! I LOVE myself and I greet today EXPECTING MIRACLES, for my life IS a miracle. THANK YOU GOD for this perfect day!!!


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