I don’t know about you, but I find that I am the MOST productive and the MOST able to not only do what I need to do but also support and uplift others when I have a plan . . . when I have a purpose for what I am doing in my life.  I want to move that purpose-driven concept here to the blog to help keep me organized and help you know where you can go for the help you need.

I posted on Facebook that I was going to be moving all of my support and correspondence to both my Jill’s Way Facebook Page and to this Website.  And it is my hope, prayer, and belief that in doing so, I will be able to BEST serve all of you, whom I love and appreciate and want so badly to see succeed!

So, here’s my Purposeful Plan for utilizing this website to bless your – and my – socks off! 🙂  Each day of the week is going to have a theme.  I will say that if I feel like deviating because of something someone needs or something I feel, I’m just going to reserve the right to do that right now!  Deal?  However, for the most part I plan on following these daily themes and labeling them so that you can search by date, category, and topic for the things YOU are looking for the most.  The schedule will be:

Motivational Monday

Tips to Transform Tuesday

Workout Wednesday

Thankful Hearts Thursday

Family Friday

Celebrating Success Saturday

Siesta Sunday



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