I had someone ask me to clarify on the use of IsaPro.  IsaPro’s protein is SO AMAZING!  When you use it after a workout, it will help your muscles recover better than any other protein you put in your body.  And your body actually absorbs 90%+ of the protein in our IsaPro.  So if you are using protein to help your muscles recover after an intense workout, there really is no substitute.

However, some people do add protein to their shake meals in other forms in order to break through plateaus or speed up their weight loss.  For example, you might do 1 scoop of IsaLean Shake for breakfast with a 1 egg+1 egg white scramble.  The egg and egg white will give you extra protein with less carbs.  Even though the carbs in the IsaLean Shake are AMAZING, best quality ever and 100% all natural, you can add in some lean protein in other forms and still benefit immensely from the shake + protein combination.

So, to clarify: If you are needing protein for muscle recovery after an intense workout, there is no substitute for the IsaPro.  If you are not in a place to buy the IsaPro and need a plateau breaker, you can do 1 Scoop IsaLean Shake with a lean serving of about 150 calories of protein.  I never did that, I just used the IsaPro.  But I do know others who have done it with success.


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