I get lots of questions about how to get your kids to eat healthy. Anyone who has read my book Finding the Voice Inside You knows that childhood obesity is an important topic. There are three simple things that you can do. First, it as been proven that you can change what you have a taste for within two weeks. That means that taking soda out of their diet may be tough at first, but after two weeks, that can train themselves to crave water instead. Second, follow these three suggestions and let me know how it turns out:

1. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store together. Try new veggies and fruits that you’ve never has before. Discuss what is good for you in each new one you try!

2. Cook at home. I know that can be hard to do sometimes but a little planning saves you from the fast food options that are so unhealthy kids.

3. DON”T BRING IT INTO THE HOUSE! If it isn’t there, they won’t look for it!

Let’s help our nation’s children live a very long time!


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