Food Addiction

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So many people have asked me what made the difference the last time — what made it the last time for me after so many failed attempts.  The difference is really a combination of two things: the BEST nutrition and cleansing program ever created and this Addiction Recovery Program I am so excited to share with you.

One of my greatest challenges in my life-long weight loss pursuit was Food Addiction.  I am an emotional eater!  And when I fall, I fall BIG! Though overcoming this completely is something I have to remember every single day, I was able to overcome so much during my Transformation Period that kept me focused and made it possible for me to accomplish my goals.  The Lord supported me every step of the way and took over when I was too weak to make it on my own.  There were days I literally made it through on my knees, in prayer.  And day by day, it became easier.  I felt myself changing inside and out.

When I received this program, I took it very seriously.  I made it an opportunity to have one-on-one time with God every day, to learn what He saw in and valued in me, and to accept the help He was offering me to overcome my addictions.  And I know that if you do the same, if you take it to Him and ask Him for the strength to overcome, for help understanding what He wants you to learn from it, what He wants you to learn about yourself, He will answer you every time you ask.  Whatever your beliefs, God is One and we are all His children; and He is so aware of each of our needs.

Below is the version of the program I followed.  This is a good source for you to get started right away.  I would strongly suggest you keep a detailed and personal journal of your journey to go along with it.

Or if you feel you need more personal help, like I did, and would like to attend meetings near you, click here for information on meeting locations and here for information on the full program.  It is completely free and really helped me along my journey.  I attended with a friend who was also struggling with Food Addiction, but it is a great place for anyone struggling with any kind of addiction (or family members of those struggling) to find help.  For more information about the nutrition part of my program and personal coaching through that part of your own journey, contact me below.